9003 Travel Canvas Bag
Steamer Tote Bag
Steamer Tote Bag Heavy Canvas. When the wind increased in force, the crew was sent up the mast, running up the rope ladders called 'shrouds'. Half hanging high above a pitching and rolling deck, they hauled the mass of canvas up to secure it, or to lay a reef. A windjammer was described by the square yards of 'canvas' it carried. Canvas was what served the ship as sails, and as tarps. Sailors would sew the scraps of canvas into duffel bags. Our leather-handled tote bag is printed with compass rose designs and old steamer drawings. It will last forever, made from the original 'canvas' as it was made a hundred years ago. Carry it by hand, or simply throw the handles over the shoulder, they are designed for both. An inside pocket secures wallet, keys and checks.
25" L x 18" W
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